On March 18, 2020, together with its partner Caritas Ghana, Right Now! signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Diocese of Techiman in Ghana regarding a long term cooperation to create economic, social and environmental opportunities for the local population.

For a period of 20 years, the Diocese of Techiman will make available at least 150.000 hectares of sparsely populated and degraded land to be regenerated by means of cultivating plantations. In Swiss foundation Asjeba Planting Your Future, Right Now! has found a party with the methodology and means to establish syntropic agroforestry plantations in the Diocese of Techiman.

Besides regenerating degraded land in Techiman, Asjeba plans to invest in virtual and physical infrastructure, water, sanitation, dwelling settlements, schools and clinics – all for the benefit of employees and the surrounding populations. Local people will be given access to education in order to acquire certification in conservation agriculture, basic literacy and financial literacy. Especially youngsters and women will be provided with knowledge, confidence and practical experience that they can use as they serve in different positions in their communities.

The various plans Asjeba – in accordance with Caritas Ghana and Right Now! – has developed for the Techiman region, encompassing employment, education, water resources, agriculture and infrastructure, will help the region to become independent of international aid.

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