Our aim is to revolutionize and accelerate the global impact economy and markets to make them work for the common good and to foster solidarity with future generations.


Right Now! seeks to create a new marketplace for environmental, social and impact-oriented ventures that align with the inspiration and mission of Pope Francis’ encylical letter Laudato si’: On Care for Our Common Home.


Right Now! is developing an integrated approach, marketplace and pipeline of projects designed to protect the planet, combat poverty and restore dignity to the excluded.

The following projects are currently supported by Right Now!

The Laudato Si’ Challenge

Sustainably improving the lives of 10 million victims of forced displacement by 2020. That is the goal of the 2018 version of the Laudato Si’ Challenge.

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Reducing the mental care gap in Africa by offering proven life guidance via chat, enlisting the help of local priests.

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Primary Care 2.0

Primary Care 2.0 Neglected surgical conditions push individuals and families into cycles of poverty and profound isolation. Primary Care 2.0 seeks to address these conditions in a systematic and sustainable way.

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Stone Soup

An innovative formula designed to unleash the knowledge, skills and lifestyles of the indigenous populations and the marginalized to address the issues of climate change and poverty.

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Maternal Health

Creating healthier maternal environments to improve the lives of 500 million mothers and babies over the next 10 years.

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An Initiative to Benefit Our Common Home

Spreading the message of Pope Francis’ revolution of tenderness, engaging 1 billion young people across the globe and raise funds that help protect the planet and serve victims of forced migration.

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An agricultural impact company, aiming to generate investor returns and lift large numbers of smallholder farmers out of poverty.

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Right Now! Laudato si’ Authenticity Attributes
Right Now! has defined a new set of social impact indicators and benchmarks: the Right Now! Laudato si’ Authenticity Attributes. Projects and companies wishing to be part of the Right Now! ecosystem must meet the following criteria:

1. Design and execute inclusive forms of business, intended to create positive outcomes for the poor, the marginalized and the planet.
2. Strive to create stakeholder value, not merely shareholder value.
3. Operate from a genuine, heart-felt desire to serve the common good and to foster solidarity with future generations.

Right Now! Ethical Council
The Right Now! Ethical Council debates and decides on the merits of the projects and programmes requesting the support of Right Now!, following a moral compass based on ethical reflection The Ethical Council comprises the various stakeholders of Right Now!

Right Now! Global Think Tank
Designed for speed, the purpose of the Right Now! Global Think Thank is to generate innovative impact business ideas, structures and strategies. In particular, there is great potential for business formation in which financial and social returns reinforce, rather than exclude, each other.

Right Now! Foundation
The main responsibility of the Right Now! Foundation is to support the purpose of Right Now!

The Chairman of the Right Now! Foundation is Paul van Engen. He is the founder and director of Graham CCC (2005), specialized in designing, building and facilitating platforms for high net-worth individuals in The Netherlands. One of the projects that Graham CCC has initiated is Right Now! (2016).

The Right Now! Foundation is supported by a team of mission-aligned professionals and works closely with communities of experts in the fields of sustainability, finance, diversity, technology, faith and social sciences.


The Zan-Dam

The Upper-East Region of Ghana is marked by a short but torrential raining season during the months of July to September. Agricultural production is limited to this short period of rain as no water is harvested for irrigation purposes during the long dry season from...

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Feeding Madagascar

Located 250 miles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean –and home to 25 million people – Madagascar has been classified by Conservation International as a biodiversity hotspot, with over 90 per cent of its wildlife and 80 per cent of its 14,883 plant...

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Laudato Si’ Challenge: New and improved

After its initiation in the fall of 2016, the first impact-driven project Right Now! decided to support was the Laudato Si’ Challenge. Inspired by Pope Francis’ eponymous encyclical, the idea behind the Challenge was to launch startups that are developing sustainable...

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Women & Water

Embracing bold innovation and empowering women to provide clean and safe water to 40 million people in East Africa by the year 2022. That is the goal of Women & Water, an extraordinary collaboration between the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Right Now! and...

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Restoring Arctic Ice

A few months ago, Right Now! and the Healthy Climate Alliance brought together a group of 30 professionals in Rome for a Conference to develop action plans to restore our climate. Restoring a healthy climate is the goal and pathway to fulfill an obligation to our...

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Join our flight! We welcome your support, comments and questions. If you need additional information about Right Now!, please contact us at contact@rightnow.global or complete the contact form below.

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